Miss and Mrs

Miss and Mrs is an online shop dedicated to women.

At Miss and Mrs they  know that women love the shopping experience, and want to buy trendy, cheap and quality product.


dena vie

Dena Vie

Dena Vie products utilize natural and organic ingredients which are safe with emphasis on such as black seed, honey, olive oil , hydrolyzed vegetable protein, aloe , coconut milk, etc.

International Dance Embassy

Chicago Music and Dance International Inc. is a non-profit organization working to broaden appreciation of world dance and music forms and help local artists sustain their cultural traditions, building bridges of cultural understanding..

ds wedding studio

DS Wedding Studio

They mission is to tell the special story of your wedding day in true cinematic style. Your wedding film and photos will capture the romance, excitement, laughter, and joyful tears, while preserving these memories for a lifetime.

Arrm / Architects

The team arrm is a joint venture of four architects, who, for more than twenty years have worked on all fields of architecture, individually or as members of the team. In their career they have been involved in an enormous number of projects in Greece and abroad..


Food Safety & Quality Experts

They have a total working experience in the food manufacturing industry and business for over 40 years, which include different hierarchy levels and production companies, bringing in management, technology and food safety experience.